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Elegance with character


Exotic leather, due to its natural and nature, it is the next level to most leather. Why Exotic leather? First and foremost, is it because of its uniqueness in looks and feels its unique texture. Exotic leather has numerous options from Crocodile, Ostrich, Lizard, and Python to Stingray. Exotic leathers are very special because the single most important aspect is that the product can rely on a raw material that preserves its original characteristics of refinement and elegance over the passage of time, as well as its flexibility, softness, and versatility. Not only can it match the durability of cowhide, but some exotic leathers can even exceed it by a fair amount.

LAGARTO is deeply attached to the classic style that last a lifetime, without disdaining the latest fashion trends, we have recognized in genuine stingray, python, lizard, ostrich and crocodile are the real key to luxury and prestige at its purest level.

Exorbitant at first sight


Genuine crocodile leather can be considered the king in the exotic leather category: nothing more than this luxurious and robust leather offers the perfect combination between luxury and elegance, for bags and fashion accessories that will become a real investment for the future.

The price – perhaps exorbitant at first sight – for these products, tells you much about the refinement and quality of this leather; a resilient and self-confident leather, like the person who will wear it, without losing that soft and delicate touch like a caress.

The outstanding feature of genuine crocodile leather lies in the natural distribution of its scales, showing a more even and rectangular shape in the central section of the belly – considered the softest and most flexible part of the animal –gradually getting smaller and rounded at the sides.

Its leather perfectly takes on the design of each bag or accessory: it can be used both with structured lines – that last over the years, without losing its original characteristics – and with the softer models, where it highlights the unique visual effect of the differently shaped scales.

Softest to the touch


To convey character and personality to simple accessories and handbags. Ostrich leather is the number one. Soft to the touch, enduring over the years and water repellent, this leather has long won every designer's heart, especially for the unusually supple surface it is renowned to be.

The high grade of flexibility and versatility makes this leather useful for the most varied interpretations, always giving elegance and glamour, becoming more and more beautiful and bright over the years, without losing any of its quality.

The attractive polka dot texture of the quill patterns gives warmth and depth to the leather, allowing us to distinguish differences and appreciate the qualities.

Smooth elegant texture


It is known for its sturdy structure and medley of attractive colors. The stretch of its belly is formed in the shape of squares which gradually gets smaller and rounder as it reaches its sides. Thus, allows the leather to shows off its natural fine scales with brilliance. Also, it's smooth, yet elegant, texture. With its slight glossiness finish, this leather offers pristine and subtle elegance to each perfecting accessory.

Soft, light and flexible


When you want to display the unconventional and robust aspect of your character, python leather is the perfect match. It is a powerful and self-confident material in its look, but at the same time soft and delicate to the touch, it can convey the most pleasant sensations, with its characteristic scales that tend to naturally open over the years, endowing the product with even more prestige and refinement.

There is nothing softer and lighter than genuine python leather. Its extraordinary flexibility, together with its extreme versatility, makes this leather adapt well to both soft and unstructured designs and more structured ones: over the years this leather will perfectly take on the shape of each design, including shoes, belts, wallets and many other small leather accessories.