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Whether inspired by a runway show or a visionary concept, our collections demonstrate the depth of LAGARTO’s design philosophy. LAGARTO endlessly perfects its cardholders with modern-age technology in precision, while remaining faithful to the traditional handcrafting techniques. With a focus on authenticity and quality, we produce individual pieces that are as true to form as well as function, reflecting a refined sense of elegance, luxury and character that age with you over time.

Precise with Precision


LAGARTO artisans are passionate about the hand making process. With a focus on the most beautiful sections and patterns of the natural exotic leather, each piece is carefully cut by hand to perfection without compromise.

Classic Techniques


The basics of leather crafting are the skiving techniques. This process is the reduction in the thickness of the raw materials to ensure all the precise details of the design are kept in the finished product. Because LAGARTO's genuine exotic leathers have various levels of properties and thicknesses, the consistent results can only be achieved by hand.

Age-Old Saddle Stitch


With a focus on authenticity and quality, LAGARTO hand stitches each product using a century's extended traditional technique called saddle stitching. The saddle stitch technique utilizes one thread and two needles producing a running-stitch that is more durable than a locking-stitch from a sewing machine. In comparison, if one line of thread snapped in a locking-stitch, the entire range of the thread could unravel. Although this method requires a significantly longer time, we believe in providing the best of the best aesthetic quality to our timepieces to endure a lifetime.

Attention to Details


After the assembly and sewing, the edges of the LAGARTO card holder are hand painted through a process that requires concentrated attention and meticulous care. This process goes through multiple steps in repetition from painting, drying, heat treating to sanding. Throughout this process, the craftsmen keep on the lookout for the slightest imperfections and repeat until plush.

Texture and Beyond


What gives LAGARTO's exotic leathers the exclusive brilliance effect? The tanning/coloring procedure takes about three month's time to complete (six times longer than cow skin) however, the final stage is what makes them stand out. Our exotics run through a hand polishing process which comprises of a consistent rubbing pressure with a natural element, an agate stone; the longing secret to exotic leathers.

Iconic Identity


The distinctive facet of LAGARTO is the ‘Gemini' corner accent installed on each cardholder. These pieces are cast by a mold with the various precious malted metals. In the finishing procedure of these precious pieces, our master jewelry craftsmen hand polishes each piece precisely to specification and ensure the perfectly smooth and mirror-like shine. The manual work of these craftsmen achieves results that no machine could ever attain.